Is this the place where dreams go to die

Aurélie Bayad is an artist with a penchant for the unusual, who explores the fine line between voyeurism, exhibitionism, and intimacy in the digital age. “Is this the place where dreams go to die” is her year-long photographic reflection as she approaches 30, delving into anxieties about financial and artistic success.

The series, born after a toxic relationship, initially explored the belief that a change in surroundings could mend internal wounds. However, it evolved to highlight the realization that personal battles must be confronted independently. Approaching 30, Bayad grapples with fears of artistic stagnation and unwarranted sexualization. The series visually delves into these multifaceted fears, examining the intersection of personal anxieties, societal expectations, and evolving narratives. Bayad aims to challenge notions of time, success, and artistic relevance, questioning the shadows cast by societal expectations on one’s personal narrative.

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