Lana Prins “Motherhood”

Lana Prins’s art is a translation of her personal fascinations, and shows reflections of her daily life. Through her work Prins doesn’t only visualize her own emotions but she also aims to make certain topics more discussable. Main themes in her work are the female body, intimacy and sensuality.

Early January Lana Prins & sculpture artist Irma Joanne, decided to create a project in which they could capture and eternalize the powerful moment when the female body is carrying another life.

The idea that the female body is capable of creating new life, seems like a miracle to me. It fascinates me how the body changes so much in a relatively short period.

Lana Prins

Art direction & Photography: Lana Prins (@lana.prins)
Body Sculpture: Irma Joanne (@irma.joanne)
Muse: Sandra Lambeck (@sandralambeck)
Styling: Lissa Brandon (@lissa.brandon)
Lingerie: Catoo (@catoo______)

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