“Dirty Moi – Beyond Beauty” by Lysa Thieffry


Art director and photographer Lysa Thieffry presents her new fashion story “Dirty Moi – Beyond Beauty”; a glamorous series exploring her love of manga through an infused analog aesthetic.

The series reveal the creation of a female character inspired by Japanese manga Dragon Ball Z. It is seen under the spectrum of beauty. Fashion elements, lighting effects and sparkles, imply a form of power from the female figure.

She is the holder of the seven crystal balls and so any wish can be granted by her, the Almighty.

Model: Zobokho @Zobokho 
Photographer & Director : Lysa Thieffry @lysathieffry
Make up: Eden Tonda @edentonda
Style: Charlotte Haulot @charlottehaulot
Nails: Adrienne @adrienne.manucurist
Hair: Louma Sliti @louma.sliti

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