Katja Stückrath


Katja Stückrath is a photographer and filmmaker from Patagonia, Argentina, now based in Buenos Aires.
This exclusive photoshoot for Curated By GIRLS is titled “Matrioshka” in reference to the very well known Russian doll. Their special trait is that they are actually a set of dolls of different sizes placed one in another creating different kind of “characters” or “personalities”. Katja tried to show this through clothing and model Annika’s attitude. Each look is different, creating different “people”.

Photographer: Katja Stückrath @katjastuckrath
Model: Annika @annistuckrath
The styling: Flor Nedelcu @flornedelcu assisted by Oriana Paez @orianapaez
HMUA: Sol Ferreiro @sol.ferreiro represented by Calcarami Studio.
Wardrobe: Keak vintage boutique, Albanez costume lab, Explota el closet & Zara.

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