Museum of Excess


In their work, New-York city based visual artist Em Sieler, wants to reclaim the portrayal of self in opposition to the idea of which bodies, stories, and emotions are deemed acceptable enough to occupy physical and digital space. Em directed and shot this story with an all queer/femme team, motivated by the overconsumption catalyzed by social media as a platform for fast fashion, and inspired by aesthetics of excess.

Picture a messy b*tch sitting on top of a massive pile of couture with their makeup smudged, having a mental breakdown because they “have nothing to wear.” That ig girlie you envy with a closet stuffed full of EVERYTHING that’s trendy these days (crazy click-baitey over the top costume-y daily lewks that are somehow so oversaturated they’re normal ??) so it’s literally ABSURD they have nothing to wear. A parody of the modern dilemma. All about overconsumption, consumerism, overload, overwhelm, our obsession for more more more! So bad it’s good.

Em Sieler

PRODUCER @erinikeu
TALENT @cascabellla @seededry
STYLING @rahnaway @tess.eb @emsieler
HMU @tess.eb @bratzdoll66.6
SET @bietu.s
CLOTHING stylist’s own
JEWELRY @earthangelry

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