Sophie Stieger

Exhibition: FEMALE FORM

At Parat, Zürich Switzerland – from Oct. 17 to Oct. 23rd.

Last minute moms, the second puberty, and sanitary pads: The joint project by Swiss artists Franziska Willimann, Sophie Stieger, and Nora Dal Cero, breaks with taboo topics and is devoted entirely to womanhood from the mid-thirties.

“Arriving Nowhere” by Nora Dal Cero


Through her work Nora Dal Cero aims to inspire consumers to a conscious and mindful approach and an awareness about the handling of our resources.

“Arriving nowhere” is about life between the mid-and late-thirties. In that age a woman has already arrived somewhere. Or not? And if so, where? What kind of influence do social conventions and patriarchy have on us? Do we have to get married, have children, build a house, have a career, and preferably do it all together? Or should we rather not? It feels like our world is spinning faster and faster every day. Global issues are becoming more and more complex. How are we supposed to keep track of everything in all this chaos, and above all, how are we supposed to keep calm for our own, our personal lives? Because we Thirtysomethings also have a few questions. What do we need? What are we missing? What makes us happy? What do we still have time for? Will we soon run out of time or is everything fine the way it is? Whatever the answers to these questions may be – one thing is certain: it remains complicated.

“Sophie’s Periode” by Sophie Stieger


Sophie Stieger, has been working for editorial and corporate clients for almost 20 years, with a focus on portraiture, reportage and documentaries that revolve around space and people.

Jumping tampons, bulging balloon breasts and rising thunderstorms. Follicles, ovulation, luteal. The mountains of waste, the secretive discharge, a feeling of well-being sets in. Adios, Menstruphobia. 60-80 millilitres, 3000 days or 8 years women* have their period and need on average 10’000 to 17’000 tampons – or a few cups. Simply striking images, a dash of humour, a reflection on sophie’s period and at the same time on yours.

CLIMAX by Franziska Willimann


CLIMAX is an ongoing photo project by Franziska Willimann, on women in the menopausal years.

When the body changes, the hormones dance, we sweat, sleep says goodbye and so do the children. The hair turns grey and a wonderfully snotty feeling sets in. When the everyday loop spins on repeat, the familiar says farewell, much has been achieved, but some things have turned out differently. The world seems nebulous one moment, then crystal clear again. When the great freedom calls softly and not having to „be“ any more elicits queenliness. Some call it the second puberty – I call it climax.

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