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Proof Of Existence

Rona Bar and Ofek Avshalom, the duo behind Fotómetro, created a series of portraits, PROOF OF EXISTENCE, together with creative director Bessy Huang and make up artist Elle McMahon. This ambitious project is a collaborative effort with young and emerging creatives and designers in London, and is set to be published as Fotómetro’s second book with Kahl Editions in London in 2025.

Focused on creating diverse characters in everyday scenarios, “Proof of Existence” stands as a celebration of individuality, aiming to reshape societal perceptions. Blurring the lines between reality and fantasy, the project combines documentary-style and staged images, striking a delicate balance between the extraordinary and the everyday. More than art, “Proof of Existence” is a celebration of freedom and self-expression, encouraging everyone to embrace their uniqueness and creativity.

Hannah holding her wig and cane
Model: Hannah Harpin @hannahharpin
Dress and shoes: Ella Davis @elladavies._
Jewelry: Sherry Yao @yuuyaooo
Camryn smoking an electronic cigarette
Model: Camryn Yule @camyule
Styling and Headpieces: Bessy Huang @gbessy__
Dress: Ella Douglas @ella.i.douglas
Az going swimming
Model: Az Franco @youcancallmeaz
Hat: Myah Hasbany @myahhasbany

We’re all strange characters who are a part of society. Through our work, we aim to make a social impact by changing the way we view others.

Nan on their way to work
Model: Nan Mthembu @kingnandipha
Tie and pants: Min Ji Kim @minjikimstudio
Jacket: Ella Douglas @ella.i.douglas
Osh in the neighborhood park
Model: Osh Veda @osh_veda
Fashion: Christine Skowron @christineskowron_
Jacket: Ding Dong! @dingdong_dingzz

We advocate for solidarity, open-mindedness, and greater inclusion and diversity in the media and the world at large.

Emmanuelle and Steve playing golf
Models: Emmanuelle Morgan and Steve Higgins @thedesignerist @lamborghinisteve
Green Dress and shoes: Gina GRNW @ginagrnw
Blue suit: Guangyu Li(Timothy) @guangyutim
Myah wearing their design
Model and designer: Myah Hasbany @myahhasbany
Walking in the rain
Designer: Julia Mazur @to.mazur
Models: Amanda Rasmussen, Ventcislava Nekova and Luigi Caputo @amandaerasmussen @ventciii @reddish_fella

The creation of each character involved drawing inspiration from various elements. While some parts were pure products of our imagination, our team’s collaborative efforts made it possible to bring our vision to life.

Fikayo going shopping in the mall
Model: Fikayo @fikayo_24
suit: Min Ji Kim @minjikimstudio
Min Ji with her cats
Model and designer – Min Ji Kim @minjikimstudio
Ezekiel in the golden hour
Model – Ezekiel @longlivesinclair

These characters fearlessly showcase their unique identities and break free from societal norms and expectations. We hope their willingness to challenge the status quo inspires you to tap into the boundless potential of your own human spirit for creative expression and individuality.

Frog in the summer kids’ fair
Model: Frog @ranitamala
Designer: Noy Munis @munisa_land
Wet Mess in Camden Town
Model and drag performer: Wet Mess @wet_mess
body suit: Shahaf Beer @byshahaf
Diogo dressed as their drag character – Co Kendrah
Model and drag performer: Co Kendrah (Diogo) @cokendrah

Photography. Rona Bar & Ofek Avshalom @ronabarphotos @ofekavshalom
Creative Director. Bessy Huang @gbessy__
Make up. Elle McMahon @elle_mcmahon_returns
Modeling agency. Zebedee Talent Agency @zebedeetalent

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