“Children of Stones”: Giulia Ricciotti’s Evocative Portrayal of Time

Children of Stones” is the creation of artist Giulia Ricciotti during her residency in Milis, Sardinia. The series intricately connects the narratives of elderly individuals with the enduring presence of stones in Sardinia’s landscape, from Neuraghe sites to limestone backdrops. Milis, a village predominantly inhabited by the elderly, served as a profound source of inspiration. The resulting photographs capture the convergence of people and stones, both embodying the passage of time. Sardinia, often referred to as the “island of stones,” illustrates their dual nature—strong yet fragile, carrying memories and the marks of time, while silently bestowing their generosity.

It was fascinating to interact with the local residents and establish a connection with them through the camera. These photos are the result of our conversations. The people of Milis, in my view, embody the traces of time much like the stones they used to construct their homes. Sardinia is indeed an island of stones. Stone, simultaneously sturdy and delicate, retains the imprints of memory and time. It remains static yet holds a certain generosity.

Giulia Ricciotti

I think the most natural thing in this world is to pray for the sun and the stones. These two energies justify the presence of this planet in this universe. They have always sold us the stone as something dumb, hard and rigid. Can you give me a definition of the stone? Stones are not dead. Stones are alive.

(Pinuccio Sciola)


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