About Body Memory

ABOUT BODY MEMORY is a photographic project by Silvia Amicarelli (@alcestyph) exploring the intricate study of body movement, akin to the perpetual fascination that visual artists across different eras have held for such expressions. The body is portrayed showcasing its strength through tension-filled poses, and its beauty is unveiled through the creation of shapes, enhanced by the use of eclectic styling. Even in moments of immobility, the body narrates its experiences, acting as a messenger conveying tales of freedom and constraint, joy and fatigue—a source of contemplation on fundamental aspects that have perennially intertwined with the fabric of every individual’s life.

MODEL Deborah Digiacomo @deborah_digiacomo_
MODEL AGENCY KoolKidz Management @koolkidzmngmt
MUA Alessia Cannone @mitra_is_a_weapon
STYLIST Melania Caputo @medreania
WARDROBE Stuppè Shopping @stuppeshopping
PH ASSISTANT Domenico Moretti @domenico_mr
PHOTO Silvia Amicarelli @alcestyph
PRODUCTION Shake Studio @shakestudioagency
LOCATION New Esedra @newesedratrani

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