Carla Madeira

Actress / performer / photographer, Carla Madeira’s work is focused on abolishing the frontier between fiction and reality, exploring proximity and intimacy with the public, therefore originating strong emotions and eventually catharsis.

As a photographer, her main interest is to explore the human body in a non-conventional way, focusing on small details, unexpected angles, and intriguing body landscapes. 

I use frequently the theme of “touch”; My hand is often present in the photos, posed upon the body of the model/sitter; two bodies touching each other; or one body touching a non-human surface.

Although she photographs all kinds of bodies, Carla is particularly interested in exploring the female body and to originate reflection upon the oppression that women have endured for centuries. Also, to question the identity and role of women in our current society.

Despite progress on women issues, menstruation is still an “uneasy” subject for many people. Regardless of its natural biological characteristic, it is still commonly faced as something shameful or disgusting that one doesn’t want to look at or speak about. I find it really important to bring this issue to normality so that people – and men in particular – face it and talk about it openly and naturally.

Many people tell me that my photos are causing them some kind of perplexion or discomfort. For me, this means that many people still have a long road to walk in order to face women biology in a natural way. From my perspective, an image can perfectly combine raw with poetry. I feel a deep and strong fusion between my personal life and my artistic work. In fact, most of the times, I can hardly differenciate them. I am not so sure if this is good or bad; I only know that this is my innate way of expression and I don’t see any good reason to castrate this impulse.

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