Sophie Wedgwood


Sophie Wedgwood is a photojournalist based in London. She has a personal approach to storytelling. Moving freely between journalism and art; she experiments with the established ways of representation, using blur, unusual lighting and uneven flash as the language through which private intimate experience is communicated to the viewer. She steers away from sensationalist art and culture and subtly reveals the stories of people in her everyday life and community. Here the outcome is unselfconscious and often poetic images with a strong personal vision.
Sophie has worked in house for Dazed & Confused Magazine from 2012-2014, and contributes to places like VICE, i-D, HUNGER, HERO, Purple Fashion. She tries and communicate issues affecting young people, feminism through more mainstream channels too – BBC- Growing up young, and runs various youth photo programs in the area she grew up in (Brixton, Peckham – South London).
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