polette puts the vulva in your face, literally.

Make sure to bid on work from renowned female artists like Kylie Marume and Pink Bits. Female creatives that lead the way in visualizing and celebrating female sexuality. All proceeds of the auction will go to Plan International.

Female owned and led online eyewear brand polette launched the limited edition Orgasmic optical collection this November 3rd, paying homage to the female body and sexuality with vulva, labia, and clitoris shaped glasses.

The outspoken designs were not conceived to be best-sellers, instead polette’s designers, Marianne & Elodie, purposely designed the glasses to spark conversation and place vulvas in a place where they can’t be ignored or overlooked, literally in your face. As Elodie (designer) says:

The many mixed comments and reactions we get on these products and images since the launch, prove that this is still a topic that is important to address and discuss. Over the years women’s bodies have been sexualized, as a tool for the other sex to achieve an orgasm. It was about time polette addressed it and showed women as sexually independent from men! It’s a celebration, and an ode to living one’s pleasure fully, no matter the taboo!

© Lana Prins

Since the designs of the glasses subtly take cues from vital artistic trailblazers of the past, such as Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, Courbe’s L’Origine du monde and the sculpture Hon/Elle by Niki de Saint Phalle, the team at polette found it only fitting to invite a new modern generation of artists to shine their light on the topic in their own way. These seven artists have created their personal celebration of female sexuality in their signature style and medium. Artist Phoebe Crossing, for example, uses plaster casting techniques to educate people about the anatomy and beauty of the vulva.

The works of art created by these seven amazing artists will now be auctioned until December 3rd.  with proceeds going to Plan International, a charity fighting for female rights & equality.

How the auction works.

To support our movement, a number of leading female artists have created their own homages to the vulva, in every shape and form in collaboration. These artworks are now up for auction with proceeds going to Plan International, a charity that fights to improve women’s rights around the globe.

Click on the bid button and place your best offer to join the auction. The highest bid we receive prior to the 3rd of December, will be awarded the artwork upon payment. Don’t forget to state your name, phone number and address along with your bid, so we can reach out if your bid wins.

NB: Minimum starting bid: £100.

The Participating artists and their artworks:

Phoebe Crossing


Phoebe uses plaster casting techniques to educate those with a vulva about their anatomy, spreading body and sex positivity.

Unique art piece named ‘Viva la vulva’.

This artwork is part of the Polette 2021 Art Auction. 


–  Satin, faux pearl beads, plaster cast, alginate, vintage wooden frame, fibre stuffing.

–  31cm x 27cm

Kylie Marume


Kylie Marume is a multifaceted artist specialized in painting female figures often combined with nature. The nudity in her work is to de-stigmatize and un-sexualise the natural female body in various forms.

Unique art piece named ‘The Mirror of Nature’

This artwork is part of the Polette 2021 Art Auction.


–  Digital oil painting

–  42 x 59.4 cm (16.5 x 23.4 inches)

Charlotte Willcox


Charlotte Willcox loves to create art based around feminism, self-love, and celebrating the female body.

Unique art piece named ‘Orgasmic Bloom’.

This artwork is part of the Polette 2021 Art Auction. 


–  300gsm Gesso Paper (signed & unframed)

–  16.5 x 11.7 inches (A3)

Christine Yahya


Pink Bits is inspired by and celebrates people in all their glory, illustrating the bits and shapes we’re told to hide.

Unique art piece named ‘Orgasmic Aura’.

This artwork is part of the Polette 2021 Art Auction. 


–  Gouache & Pencil. Painted on 100% 300gsm Cotton Paper

–  297 x 420 mm (A3)

Lilia Luganskaia


Multidisciplinary artist and author Lilia Luganskaia decodes abstract notions as love and feminism with the use of constructed images, sculptures, video, performance and installations. She approaches complex ideas with humor and an alternative perception.

Unique art piece named ‘Dragon’.

This artwork is part of the Polette 2021 Art Auction.


–  Photoprint

–  20 x 30 cm

Capucine Poumailloux


Art Director, photographer and graphic designer Capucine Poumailloux created Nipples magazine: a magazine that visually portrays the sensuality of the naked body. Rooted in its time, it highlights, with no taboos, the authenticity of the human form and the expression of feelings.

Unique art piece named ‘‘Legs in the sun’’.

This artwork is part of the Polette 2021 Art Auction.


– High quality print on paper

– 300×400 mm

– Original print in original state

Cynthia & Esther


The women behind @lekkerblijvenlikken create illustrations with a message and breaking the taboo with humor. Mostly made from a female perspective. By creating a custom bed sheet pattern they pay their homage to female sexuality.

Unique art piece named ‘Oh my, Orgasmic bedsheets’.

This artwork is part of the Polette 2021 Art Auction.


–  Handmade screenprint on luxury cotton duvet

–  Cover and two pillowcases

–  200 x 200 cm


The Orgasmic collection consists of three designs that come in two shapes and multiple lense colors. The frames are made from eco-acetate and recycled acetate. Pricing: €69,00.



polette, leader in the online glasses market, designs, produces and assembles glasses since 2011 for transparent prices. Out of the factory a pair of glasses costs less than 10€, so why pay 400€ for just a logo? polette provides frames + optical glasses starting from 15€

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