Elis Jolie “My Inescapable Self”


Elis Jolie is an Italian fashion and fine art photographer based in Berlin. Her latest series “my Inescapable Self” explores a world of integration and overlapping of codes that blur the edges of identity. 

This series is about inverting the gaze and making men “the object of desire”. It is based on the appreciation of their bodies, encouraging them to explore femininity as a reality pertaining also to a man’s world. It represents the man who is in love with the idea of himself, not in a vain or egotistical way, but more in a confident and creative way, able to project the best symbol of himself. It’s a celebration of fashion today that doesn’t represent just a social identity, but a personal one, an emotional status. 
There is no correct form. There is not just one tangible truth of this body, no frame to fit it in. The body becomes true through its own expression, a new performance of its own vitality and plasticity, a reinvention of its limits and shadows, and finally, a recuperation of freedom. Regardless of the gender, MyInescapable Self is about a world dominated by a return to the purest form whose core is the sensibility of the individual. The act of getting dressed has changed it’s meaning and the clothes are loosing their sense of gender, becoming a whole next level experience.

Photographer and Art Direction: Elis Jolie @elisjolie
Model: Nayme @nayme_h
Stylist: Elena @gypsiegoat
Mua: Anna @rivera_beauty
Production: Orsy @orsibla

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