Dagmara Barańska-Morzy


Dagmara Barańska-Morzy lives and works in Poznań, Poland. In her activities she uses photography and installation. Her work touches feminism, womanhood, family and adolescence. Currently she is working on a multimedia project about violence against women.

“The pain experienced by women during periods is commonly belittled. It is estimated that 40%-50% of women suffer from painful menstruation, and 7%-10% of women are influenced by endometriosis, a clinical condition which can lead to social and professional exclusion of women due to unbearable levels of menstrual pain. This subject has come to public attention only recently. Gynecologists tend to neglect endometriosis, often suggesting that the pain will diminish after first childbirth, sometimes ascribing the pain to woman’s “natural constitution”. Neither of which is true, by the way. Strong menstrual pain can be likened to parturition or pain acompanying finger amputation without anesthetic. In my work I address the problem of pain during period. I have asked my female friends about their experiences of menstruation. My photographs are the visual interpretation of their answers.”

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