Samara Knight


Samara Knight is a photographer from London now based in Berlin. Her photographic practice originates from a background of fine arts and painting, from which she takes strong influences of materialistic and experimental aspects. She now works predominantly with analogue processes as a reflection of the mythological, theoretical and intimate subjects which she addresses.


Eczema (Noun): A medical condition in which patches of skin become rough and inflamed with blisters which cause itching and bleeding.

Her project “Surface Tension” focuses on the skin issue Eczema, a condition that affects a lot of people. Knight intends to show through self-portraiture the key moments from her own experience with eczema. She has created effects upon her body, which she uses like a canvas, to show elements of the skin condition alongside treatments she used to alleviate it. This work discusses wider concepts of beauty ideals and body acceptance, as well as the effects this skin condition has had upon her own self-confidence. However, through the act of making these self-portraits she has allowed herself to capture intimate moments of performance, personal exploration and acceptance. The overall resolve of this body of work is to make what is normally considered ugly and unappealing into something beautiful and honest by placing herself in theatrical, yet uncannily relatable situations.
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