Exploring Identity and Surrender: Jill Beth Hannes’ Photographic Odyssey in ‘Going Home’


Jill Beth Hannes is a photographer from Honolulu, Hawaii, currently based in Los Angeles, who draws inspiration from a profound exploration of her own struggles with identity as a woman. Her body of work, titled “Going Home,” encapsulates a poignant narrative of surrender. Within this series, she offers a collection of self-portraits, each capturing the essence of a woman who has found herself lost; Lost in the throes of motherhood, lost in the bonds of matrimony, lost as a daughter, and lost as a friend. These images paint a portrait of a courageous decision, one that involves relinquishing what she once believed she desired and embarking on an unexpected path. Through her photographic storytelling, Jill aspires to communicate her personal odyssey, believing that by sharing her story, she can offer solace and connection to others who may have experienced similar struggles.

Giving up is a hard thing to do. This project is about learning that it’s okay to need to begin again. I took these photographs during my drive from California to North Carolina. The past few years had beat me down and I was too tired to keep treading water. I made one of the hardest choices of my life and decided to give up what I had built, what I had thought I wanted for so long for something new.

Jill Beth Hannes
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