Anne Lomberg “Virtual Isolation”


“Virtual Isolation” is a project by Anne Lomberg, that shows people around the world, since the first lockdown in March 2019. She started this project as a response to the quarantine measures.

I didn’t see any other way to continue photographing people up close without losing my creativity. I was interested in how everyone feels in this time of isolation, where we are all connected to the web and nothing else but the web.

The project is also a reminder of what we are missing without the real life communication. How we lose connection, how we become almost people shy, cut off from human longings, like a simple touch. On the other hand, it is also a tribute to loneliness with the knowledge that we are nevertheless in a safe place with many things to do and share.

Instead of complaining about the situation (we are all trapped in together!), let’s remember that there’s one more person to discover, “The SELF”! Perhaps for some it is the challenge of a lifetime.

In the end, I hope we grow more intensely with this self and heal over time without neglecting the important needs. Which for me are always found in the small pleasures, like being there for each other, listening, communicating, showing empathy, touching souls, and finally: to live the experience face to face!

Virtual Isolation Collaboration / In honor of the people from: Russia, Estonia, Finland, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia, Iceland, Ukraine 

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