Milena Baeza is a film photographer based in Lisbon, Portugal, whose work evokes feelings of nostalgia, intimacy and elegance, using the human body as the main canvas. Her series “Pastel Dreams” puts forward a selection of Portuguese designers, with the aim to showcase the idea of a safe space through a pastel palette.

Dress Veehana

A safe space. The bubble where you can be completely yourself. Freedom to heal. Acceptance. Exploring and empowering your characteristics through self-love.

Trousers Veehana

Dress Marcelo Almiscarado,
shoes Stylist’s own

Top Lane Studios,
gloves Marcos Hass Horn x João Magalhães,
leggings Maria Curado

Photographer & Art director: milena baeza @milena.baeza
Model: bruna guedelha (Nxt Management) @bruna.guedelha
Stylist: sara soares @cest.fantastique
Hair & Make-up: natanael tito @tito.god

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