Hélène Mastrandréas & Manifeste011

Director and photographer Hélène Mastrandréas & Manifeste011, a sustainable and vegan fashion clothes shop in Paris, teamed up to create a series of analog photos and a video. The all-female team, has worked on images in which women appear mighty, independant and sensual. In a behind closed doors apartment, the simplicity of the underwear adorn the scenes in an era where social networks break the boundaries of the ordinary and eroticism.

Director & Photographer: Hélène Mastrandréas @helenemastrandreas
Production: Manifeste011 @manifeste011
Models: Alexandra Marzella @artwerk6666
Margherita Mine @fujimine_
Director of photography: Julia Mingo @julia_mingo
Make up artist: Ondine Marchal @ondinemarchal
Editor: Lola Margrain @lolamargrain
Music: Bengalá @magic_b333
Brands: Epi Studio, Organic Basics,
Olly, People Tree, Swedish Stockings

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