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ModaLisboa AWAKE 2020

The organization whose mission is to promote and develop sustainability in Portugal’s #Fashion Industry.


After 3 intense years in Berlin I decided to move to Lisbon, Portugal, in my quest for new inspiration. With a love of challenges, I felt it was the right time to meet my new home this year, in the European Green Capital. I was excited to discover the city’s state of mind; a mix of cultural tradition and renewal. Portugal is very creative and its heritage is as beautiful as it is deep. Fashion is definitely part of it. Since 1991 Europe’s first independent fashion week ModaLisboa showcases the collections of Portuguese Fashion Designers, with the mission to disseminate the best national fashion to the world. I had the pleasure to attend the event in collaboration with our partners in crime from KALTBLUT Magazine. My first impression: WOW!

in extremis before coronavirus international lockdown, ModaLisboa started on Thursday March 5, 2020, with the pre-party “United Fashion Happenings” at Lisbon city hall. Discovering new designers in a somptuous building from the 19th century, was quite an experience! The tone was set. Not that I was expecting less, but I was impressed by such a refining and pleasant atmosphere. Somehow a familiar DIY vibe, Berlin-style, with a strong identity and rich history. Modalisboa was successful in translating this strong culture of past and present.

The following 3 days experience took place near the river Tejo, at the oficinas Gerais de fardamento e do equipamento do exercito, an old military set of buildings, with orange trees in its courtyard: 2 areas for the fashion shows, and 4 others dedicated to various activities to educate and raise environmental awareness. Indeed this year, the focus was on consciousness, promoting a more transparent and sustainable behavior. It was about exploring what can be done to make brands more balanced and sustainable. We heard “You are How You Buy”. The message still resonates!

Modalisboa was a refreshing experience of fashion, with a very interesting and diverse crowd, and high level shows presenting 39 designers. We were glad to see so many female creators showcased. đź’Ş Meet some of our favorite designers this year:


Based in Portugal but firstly imagined in India, BÉHEN believes in fashion being waistless and in one-off clothes made of antique textiles or textiles weaved with the magic of time in faraway lands. A brand born to be a storyteller, it tells the tales of women who want to change the world. Clothes ethically made by women communities around the world supporting Syrian boy’s and girl’s education. This collection was possible thanks to the collaboration and efforts of many women who, with the designer, believed in the magic of unity. The majority of the textiles used are from the designer’s grandmother collection or bought at flea markets all over the world.


Founded in 2015, AWAYTOMARS are the biggest fashion collection in the world and through co-creation, they reflect the coming together of multiple cultures in one brand. Putting the power to create in people’s hands; a movement for a new global aesthetic, where there is no I, only We. Sustainability has always been one of the pillars of AWAYTOMARS. The FW 20/21 collection is a critical analysis of consumption and excessive production and its main objective was the reevaluation, re-design and recycling of garments.


Established in 1990, Kolovrat offers a deconstructed new vision on men and women’s tailoring, while keeping the DNA and finishing of a traditional savoir-faire. The collection FW 20/21 welcomes the immigrants from the future. They are taller than us and they use things in a genuine way, interpreted by the newcomer’s eyes. They show developed feelings and sensuality, and they leave behind rationality and conditioning. It’s like they function in a non-logical way. They don’t have our sense and purpose. They came to teach us how to develop our capacities, showing us how we can loosen up our very fixed forms. And…along the way…all interconnects.


Constança Entrudo is a portuguese born textile designer based in Paris. All of Constança’s pieces are gender neutral and ageless. They aim to highlight her approach to creation based on the freedom of ideas, unconstrained by any pre-existing rules or framework.

I DON’T KNOW IF THIS EXISTS was the first performance-based commission at Lisbon Fashion Week centering on human body culture in relationship with painting, sculpture, sound and fashion. In a scenographic and sensory multimedia installation, Constança Entrudo explored the concept of Illusion as a premonition of a reality that does not yet exist in that form.


HIBU is a Portuguese brand founded in 2013 that creates genderless pieces, crossing multidisciplinary references and a minimal deconstructed aesthetic through a relaxed approach. HIBU believes that in a disposable world with rapid consumption turnover, it is essential to redefine the role of fashion and achieve sustainability.


Carolina Machado was born in Leiria, in 1994. From an early age her taste for fashion, art and design defined her academic career. In October of 2015, she debuted at the Sangue Novo platform of ModaLisboa. In 2016, she launched her own womenswear brand, where she currently works. In October 2017, she joined the LAB platform of ModaLisboa. Grounded FW 20/21 is a manifesto on connecting with the earth, inspired by nature’s shapes, earthy colors and grounded forms. Carolina’s signature styles are always present, paying a nature’s homage for the contemporary woman.

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