Amber Free is an artist based in Huntsville, Texas, interested in photographing and manipulating the human body, mainly her own. The resemblance of fabric or wallpaper pattern is evident through her use of repetition and mirroring. The body has become an endless wonderland for her work. 

Wet Carpet

“Losing weight has made me see myself through a different lens. My skin now hangs, folds, and creases differently than it did before. I fully embrace the changes of my body and new form and see it as a way of learning more about myself. While examining my body, I tend to focus on these small sections of flesh. After physically altering my body, I am digitally altering it to exemplify these changes. I implement repetition and mirroring to ensure the alterations are focused on.

Most bodies are not perfect representations of society’s expectations. Digital manipulations, generally, are made to fix imperfections, such as smoothing skin, removing blemishes and cellulite. This series disrupts these practices.

I concentrate on skin that would normally be smoothed out, color corrected, or erased. I enlarge the areas and then abstract it. The designs created resemble fabric or wallpaper patterns. The muted, fleshy color palette emulates my own skin. I pay attention to the lines, textures, and color variations of myself and piece them together to further emphasize the imperfections. My body has become an endless wonderland of these tactile patterns.”

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