by Hélène Tchen


With this inclusive, fun and bubbly editorial, Helene Tchen wants to bring forward the idea that fashion is for EVERY BODY.

For me it is primordial to be able to represent all types of womxn, to free myself from the standards of fashion which only show one side of femininity, an ideal imposed by mainstream capitalist society.

Monein : Bra, pants and shoes, Model’s own / Coat, J.SIMONE / Jewelry, Stylist’s own

Segolene (in red) : Dress, Leandro Cano / Wings, Miss Bou / Shoes, Uggs X Eckaus Latta
Meng (in orange): Dress, Abdel El Tayeb / Shoes, Uggs x Eckaus Latta

Serena (in red) : Dress, Monosuit / Hat, Monosuit / Bag, A/raise
Monein (in blue) : Bra, pants and shoes, Model’s own / Coat, J.SIMONE / Jewelry, Stylist’s own

Serena : Dress, Stylist’s own / BaglBelt, Monosuit / Hat, J.SIMONE
Monein : Dress, J.SIMONE / Belt, Miss Bou

Ségolene : Top, Farhad Re / Pants, Monasterio / Shoes, Nike / Head piece, Juana Martin
Meng : Catsuit, Monosuit / Kimono, Yoshikimono / Bolero, Miss Bou / Shoes, Uggs x Eckaus Latta

Ségolène : Jacket, J.SIMONE / T-shirt, Special artwork by Laure-Anne Tchen / Skirt, Miss Bou
Serena : Heart coat and dress, Miss Bou / Sunglasses from SuperVintage
Monein : Dress, Miss Bou / Scarf, Juana Martin
Meng : Jacket, A/Raise / Top and shirt, Monasterio / Socks, Stylist’s own

Photography: Hélène Tchen @helenetchen
Assistant: Yann denis @yann_denis_
Stylist: Maud Dupuy @maud.dupuy
Make up: Rika Bitton @rika_bitton
HAIR: Anita Bujoli @anitabujoli
Models: Ségolène @segozaurr, Serena @muteki_no_rena, Monein @moneinlambert and Meng @mengyume
Shot at: Studio LPOVS @lpovs

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