A photoshoot by Hélène Mastrandréas & Sarah-Megan Allouch about the empowering experience of revealing vulnerability.

With this series, I wanted to step in front of the camera, in the same intimate universe that I offer to my models. To create a safe space, a tender and soft place where you can reclaim your body by staging it. The almost lingerie styling does not evoke sensuality but rather a way of showing myself to be vulnerable and to regain power over my body which I may have lost control of.

– Hélène Mastrandréas

Talent @helenemastrandreas 
Photography @sarahmeganallouch@helenemastrandreas 
Make up @flavie_terrakhol
Hair @louma.sliti 
Stylist @alice_heluinafchain

Styling credits
white top @k0llection 
red body @saqua_studio

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