Lauren Tugwell “Outcast”

Lauren Tugwell is a fashion photographer based in London and Manchester, whose original style is tangible. She produces images that are predominantly strong, beautiful and cinematic.

This project is about a girl who is cast out by society for being different, and fighting against social construct on how people should look and act. Her unique personality is celebrated through the garments and makeup.

Photographer/creative director:
Model: @shaunaghrose_
Stylist: @elllie.walker
Make-up: @nicmarilyn
Hair: @molly_whiteley

Clothing credits:
white dress- @narclsslsm
earrings- @leopoldinestudio
skirt and dress- @cygan_ldn
bra- @rosievonboschan
suits- @missalejandramunoz
shoes- @iliaslittleshoeboxuk – boots @jeffreycampbell

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