Shannon May Powell x MLD

@shannonmaypowell @ml_d

Shannon May Powell and Mel D’Alessandro became friends in the thick of an Australian summer at their friend’s beach house on The Great Ocean Road. Mel is a jeweller from Melbourne and Shannon is a writer and photographer based in Berlin, both have a strong belief in the power of female friendships. With this in mind, they came together with some other friends to create a playful and creative interpretation of Mel’s jewellery collection that celebrates the feminine and represents the imperial aesthetic of Mel’s Italian upbringing, featuring traditional amulet’s worn to fend off evil, and other pieces that represent the exuberance of a 1990s Isabella Rossellini.

Jewelling and photography are intuitive practices for both Mel and Shannon, the intention of the collaboration was to portray something sensitive and intimate, capturing surreal moments and abstract shapes that convey grace and frivolity.

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