Pink Paradise

by @charlottehaulot

Charlotte Haulot is an analog photographer and fashion stylist based in Paris. Shooting exclusively on film, Charlotte wants her work to be raw, organic, and accidental. Her latest series “Pink Paradise” aims to challenge beauty standards and celebrate body positivity & body love.

Beauty is an abstract notion, it is a sensory or intellectual experience specific to each person. With this series, I want to show my own perception of beauty. I want to show something else than the overly standardized representations of our bodies. All women are beautiful, all bodies are beautiful and I want to show it through my photos.

The way I work is very instinctive, it can be a detail, a color, a material, a style, a face or the combination of all these things that will catch my eye. Suddenly something happens and I know I have to take this picture. I like that something unexpected gives a little something special to the picture. That’s why I only work with film and minimal retouching. The limited freedom of analog, deprived of technology, keeps my attention focused on that moment that will make me shoot with the right timing.

Model: @sophialang
Makeup artist: @alexiamzallag
Photographer: @charlottehaulot  –

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