My Orchid At Home


A photo series by Berlin-based filmmaker & photographer Hedda Bednarszky, on the concept of hotel rooms as provisory homes during lockdown.

During the pandemic, we developed a complicated relationship with our space. I couldn’t stop thinking about those who were stuck in isolation in unfamiliar places like hotel rooms. I was curious about the transition, mood swings and interaction with this space that becomes your home for a limited time.

Together with Giulia, I explored the monotony of an enclosed space in a small, family-run hotel in Innsbruck. The outcome is a chronicle on the grief for the life outside the hotel room. Trapped in a suffocating place, far from home, you experience different stages: from boredom and denial to numbness, anger and depression and eventually to acceptance.

You can hear water dripping into the sink, the cars outside, the birds in morning, the neighbors crying and laughing on the phone. And for a second those thoughts you have when you leave the house in a hurry come to your mind – the window you forgot to close, the dishes in the sink you forgot to wash, the trash you forgot to take out, the orchid on your desk you forgot to water.

PHOTOGRAPHER I Hedda Bednarszky @heddabsz
MODEL I Giulia Dussich @gd_1981

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