Maria Thurn und Taxis


Maria Thurn und Taxis is a painter and video artist, born in 1980 in Regensburg, Germany, and lives and works in London. Her paintings suggest aspects that are both comic and provocative, creative contents that evoke the pictorial aesthetic of the grotesque and the light-heartedly droll. Through powerful juxtapositions of figuration and abstraction, humor and menace, formal clarity and ambiguity, Thurn und Taxis’ paintings convey a powerful tension between familiarity and uncanniness that absorb the viewer into their arrested dynamism.

I have a fascination with tensions that are inherent in the human condition. These relate to questions of life and death, pain and happiness. Such questions often offer no clear answers. My response within my painting is an emotional one. It is deeper than reason and prior to any intellectual analysis. Meanings that lie beyond representation can be suggested through paint. In this way, I am searching to explore the boundaries of the visible.
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