IVY Berlin is a small handmade label designed and sewn by Tessa Holbrook. This photoshoot, entitled Objects was a project for the label. IVY Berlin strives to address issues affecting women every day- including objectification and sexism. Striving to break free from the many fashion labels feeding off of the low self esteem and depersonalization of women, IVY Berlin aims to empower women to wear whatever they want, be proud of their bodies and be proud of themselves! Shot by the talented Otto Peng with the model Nina Burri.

“If you keep treating me like an object, I just might start acting like one. Objects is a photo series dramatically depicting the objectification of women in today’s society. Women are being put down for wearing revealing clothing, being treated like pieces of meat if they show too much skin, and being reduced to objects for the pleasure of someone else. Here’s to stopping objectification, to being yourself, to being loud and dressing however you want to- and being proud of it!”

Clothing and concept by: Tessa Holbrook from IVY Berlin @tessa.ivy
Photograph by: Otto Peng @thatspeng
Model: Nina Burri @ninaburriofficial

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