Little Simz by Nwaka Okparaeke


We will April shower you with this month’s music crushes today. May they bring you flowers & badassness (in case you needed any more of it!)

FLOSS – Laser 

FLOSS’ neon-green laser beams will turn heartbreak into self love and fight for equality over a hypnotic beat. (Another one of our own, hope you like it, queens n queers!)

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SHUNGUDZO – White Parents

SHUNGUDZO is getting political with her latest single „White parents“ and focuses on the fetishization of POC’s. She sings „You want to use me, until you’re finished, but you would never take me home to your ‚White Parents’.” and says „It’s for everyone who has ever been called ‚exotic’ or treated like a sexual object instead of a human being“.

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Y’akoto – What’s good

„“WHAT’S GOOD” is a feeling. I’ve never felt comfortable with telling people how to handle certain situations or how to feel. “WHAT’S GOOD” could be a hint, or just a song that will make you feel good in that very moment.“

Y’akoto on her new single “What’s good”

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Liv Solveig – How Far

Norwegian-German artist Liv Solveig sings sweet tunes with sweet titles like „Heartbeat of Shibuya“ or her new single “How far” which is a “heart-aching testament to trying to reach across a great distance to bring someone closer to you”. Her album „Slow Travels“ is coming this May and can be pre-ordered here.

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LITTLE SIMZ – Introvert

Unapologetically honest and spiked with breathtaking, symbolism-loaded visuals. Little Simz announces her forthcoming Album “Introvert” with her new single “Introvert”. A story between anger and strength. Wow!

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