Shamelessy Soak With Tenderness

Commercial, fashion and lifestyle photographer based in Warsaw, Poland, Dominika Rutkowska, connects fashion photography with analogue documentary of reality. Her inspiration are mostly people, youth and femininity. Her series “Shamelessy Soak With Tenderness” explores female masturbation and the taboo around it. The title of the work is inspired by a quote from Maria Peszek’s song entitled “Hedonia”. Gypsum castings were made once, they are unique, expressing the diversity of women who give themselves to pleasure.

“Satisfying sexual desire without a participation of a partner” is a dictionary definition of onanism. It is therefore logical that this applies to both men and women. There is, however a certain taboo about female self-satisfaction. Female masturbation is not mentioned very often and if it is mentioned, it is said to be something embarassing, a fashion for “liberated” women or the case of nymphomaniacs. The aim of the work is to get used to the concept of female masturbation. Almost literal presentation of this act is an attempt to encourage the viewer and change the direction of his thinking.

Dominika Rutkowska

Photographer & casts: Dominika Rutkowska @rutkowskadominika 
Set design: Bernadeta Jamróz @bernadeta_visual
Studio: UV Studio @uvstudiowarsaw

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