Kate Schneider


In line with the global Nasty Women movement, which curates international exhibitions, we as Curated by Girls could not stay behind or stay silent. In addition to the marches and protests, we want to raise a fist against racism, fascism, sexism and oppression through art. This online exhibition is international, there are no boundaries. We can have our voices be heard and our visions be seen. We are NASTY, and we are UNITED in the diversity that Curated by Girls stands for.

Kate Schneider @hot_house_flower is a visual artist and writer currently living in Bloomington, Indiana. She works in various mediums; Primarily painting, comics and poetry. In her work she explores the idea of home, her body and the relationship between pain and the voice. She draws and paints from life and is interested in the human sympathy that comes from slowing down and really looking at familiar, seemingly banal objects or moments.

“True strength and power have nothing to do with force, it is about vulnerability and empathy. I refuse to let what is happening harden me to the world. Resistance looks different for everyone and for me it is a set of promises to myself. I will stay soft and celebrate most what I was taught to be ashamed of. I will cry and love and bleed and look at myself in the mirror and I will make art about it. I will say that I do not know when I do not know. I will stay open and keep pushing myself to learn and grow. I will keep connecting to women in my life and online, we will continue to join with one another, to grow stronger and break silences, creating passages of light in the dark.”

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