“The Border Between Female Gaze and Male Gaze” by Hélène Mastrandréas

Photographer Hélène Mastrandréas worked on a series exploring the line between the female gaze and the male gaze.

The female gaze shows a woman as an actor of her desire, through an honest and respectful lens. It’s an emotional and intimate approach to subject which aims to empathize rather than to objectify. On the other hand, the male gaze depicts women as an object of passive desire, for the pleasure of a male heterosexual viewer. The male gaze watches while the female body is being watched.

Hélène Mastrandréas plays with the border between the two perspectives, by capturing some framing that can evoke the male gaze, while directing model Naomi in a position of strength where she is the absolute center of the photo.

Naomi represents a force that I admire and that inspires me. She is comfortable in her body and confidant of her beauty. That is what I wanted to photograph. Feminine power!

Photography: Hélène Mastrandréas – @helenemastrandreas
Model: Naomi – @naoslb

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