Rebecca Dorothy “Manas”


Rebecca Dorothy is a photographer from Rome, based in between Berlin and Paris. Since her childhood, she cultivates a passion for photography. In her work, she explores the body and the sensuality in an overwhelming sea of colors, entering into the most intimate and secret moments of lovers, friends and acquaintances. Her pictures tell stories merging between reality and fantasy, love and passion, nude and costume.

“This series is called “Manas” (short for “Hermanas”/sisters). It’s the beginning of an ongoing collection of pictures which celebrates the importance of family. Sometimes, especially if we live abroad, we might forget how little expressions from our beloved ones can be so meaningful. In this case I wanted to capture some simple routine gestures between sisters, sharing their love and taking care of each other. Sisterhood is fundamental to make you learn how to share not only material things, or moments, but also the hardest and deepest feelings. Sisterhood means being partners for life.”

Team credits
Models: Sherlym Mixzuko Hernandez (@mixzuko) & Shirly Hernandez (@shirly_jo)
Make-up & Hair: @mixzuko
Photography: Rebecca Dorothy @rebeccadorothyx
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