Norah Wenrui Wu “Tender”


For her ongoing project “Tender”, Beijing-based photographer Norah Wenrui Wu takes pictures of strangers she met through mutual friends or social networks. Fascinated by the female form and the philosophy behind femininity, Norah documents the beauty of the female body with the aim to show that femininity and nudity should not be limited to just a symbol of sexuality. 

dark river

From initially exploring photography through live music then finding her passion in the female form, Norah realised that through her innovative images, she enjoys combining her various interests in the female sexuality, with objects such as lingerie, flowers and pigment, in the hope of displaying the beauty and sacredness of the female body, along with its aesthetic nature.

Female sexuality has always been my main inspiration and female nudity is also a sacred topic for me.

The beauty and mystery of the female form fascinate me. I love the texture of our skin, the structure of our bones, curves, and all the different parts of our body.


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