Liaryz Ramos


Liaryz Ramos is a freelance photographer from Puerto Rico whose interests include many themes in the field of photography. From fashion to personal work, Liaryz is constantly searching for different ways to explore photography. She has worked side by side for Magnum/National Geographic photographers Michael Christopher Brown and David Alan Harvey. Model: Ana Paula Teixeira
Lipstick from Necromancy Cosmetica

“Beyond clueless”: What would you do to go back to a gilded age? To discover the music you now only receive nostalgia from it, to spend the countless hours overthinking if your crush looked at you a certain way across the hall. What would you do to experience everything anew? The boredom that used to make the back of your skull itch, that used to make you pounce to do something (anything) to distract you from not belonging. Feeling more, in a time where everyone else cared less. What would you do to go back to living beyond clueless?
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