The Strong and Sensitive Women in Rosina Rosinski’s Acrylic Portraits

Born in Dortmund, Germany, Rosina Rosinski is a self-taught artist whose passion for painting emerged unexpectedly. While initially studying art history in college, she decided, in 2019, to follow her artistic instincts and become an autodidactic painter. By the summer of 2022, she transitioned into a full-time painter, specializing in large-scale acrylic portraits that explore personal narratives and delve into profound aspects of life, bridging past and present.

Rosina’s artwork often features self-portraits inspired by Christian and mythological iconography. Through her paintings, she reconstructs life events, revives dreams, and encapsulates cherished memories from a unique perspective. Her portraits primarily focus on the female body and its historical portrayal, challenging preconceived notions of physical and psychological strength while subverting stereotypes. Incorporating themes of life, death, and vanity, Rosina Rosinski’s vibrant paintings may appear sweet and alluring at first, but upon closer inspection, they invite viewers to engage with the profound and discomforting aspects of life and human existence, prompting deeper reflection and contemplation.

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