Le Scapigliate


Le Scapigliate is a group of four creatives, Betty Amicucci, Monica Carlone, Serena Debianchi, and Anna Mancari, exploring life and art through different languages. The collective is based in Turin, Italy, where they all attended the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts. Over the years, they developed a collective consciousness, supporting each other in various individual projects. The group identity consolidated at the beginning of 2017, with their first exhibition “Disposofobia“. The photos have been shot into the room where they’ve been subsequently exhibited. This project analyzes the concepts of fetishism and fanaticism, starting from the artists’ intimate sphere. The real subject is not the finished work, but every single element that was used to make it. All objects that have somehow contributed to the creation of the final pictures become from trivial to fundamental, worthy of exclusive and irrational respect. The exhibition room turns into an ideal place of worship.

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