Sandra Lazzarini “BIANCA”


Sandra Lazzarini is a self-taught photographer whose work focuses on the representation of the female body. Through her photos, she manages to clear the purely aesthetic and conformist canons, transforming them into elements impervious to indecency and deeply imbued with freedom.

Bianca is a series of images about beauty. The beauty that appears faded, disturbing, flaccid and bruised, but that if observed with the magnifying glass of a benevolent and uncritical eye, is nothing more than the basis on which to build the future dialogue with our body.

I spent a few hours with Bianca who was going through a period of crisis because her husband was in hospital. As she spoke, listening to her accounts of the dead, sick and survivors, I watched her without judgment, trying to filter something I had never noticed in her speeches. Her body.

I saw in her the excesses that one day maybe will be mine. Excess of memories that overflow from every sentence, but especially excess of body, skin, lines, stains, veins, dents. I who am afraid of old age, there is no day when you do not ask me how it will be to see your own body at the peak of its physical decay and whether it will be so strong friction with the image of me young. But observing her, zooming in on every square inch of her skin, on the details of a body imbued with signs of a life, signs that are added every minute that passes, she put me in front of the mirror of what I will be in good, evil, ugly and beautiful.

Bianca has become for me a canvas, on which to place my eye, with which to play with colors, objects, light and gold, because even a body that no longer conforms is precious.

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