Amour Propre


Mathilda Rech is a feminist photographer based in northern Italy, whose work is inspired by the body positivity and self-love movement.

In her first self-portraiture project “Amour Propre” Mathilda wants to make people reflect on the female body and how it is perceived in our society. Her aim is to show that body hair is completely normal and that it should not be seen as something disgusting or unhygienic and that social media, once again, isn’t real.

At the age of 10-13, I felt that it wasn’t “normal” or accepted for a girl to have hairy legs and armpits. My classmates would stare and make comments at my body hair. Adults would tell me to shave because no one would find me attractive with body hair, that it was gross. I never understood how hair that grows out of my skin, hair that my body creates is considered as gross, unattractive, and not feminine.

we all have imperfections that make us beautiful and unique. I feel the most beautiful when I let my body be and grow as it does naturally. I do not want to feel like I should hide my true nature. I finally want to let my body be as it is and not constantly hiding or changing it. I want my body to be free. 

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