We’ve fallen head over heels again this month and we want to share our latest musical obsessions with you.

Karma She – Sauna

Sauna is the fifth self directed D.I.Y music video from KARMA SHE’s album ‘My Naked Devotion’ shot using smartphones and a zoom dance rehearsal during Berlin’s lock down.

It depicts self liberation through dance and sensual self expression during a dark and isolated period where technology has become a tool for both connecting and distorting our personal worlds.

Karma She

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Kevin Knapp feat. Baby Luck – Cute

Baby Luck is a Denver-based singer who not only knows how to make a catchy tune in collaboration with Kevin Knapp but also just debuted as a writer and director for her new music video „Cute“. Artist Hutchtastic stars in the pink-perfect visual with the most badass message. A song to be feeling yourself to this summer!

My mother in law (who is in the video with my two daughters) is a 66 year old Black woman from Denver and Cute is – surprisingly – her favorite song. It really spoke to her on a deep level and that made me so happy. I heard her singing it while she was braiding my daughter’s hair, and this idea was born that we need to see all women and all bodies as beautiful – as worthy of being the star of the show. This truth, coupled with the whole fiasco around Lizzo at the Lakers Game and this question of who is allowed to be naked, to be seen, to be heard, to be beautiful, to be out in the world with confidence – from older women to Black women to mothers to fat women and all people – really motivated this project to come to life.

Baby Luck

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Aude Langlois – Promesses

Aude Langlois is a French musician and composer based in Berlin. Having gained experiences in sound art, experimental band set up and theatre sound design, Aude Langlois now presents her musical poetic project, where her voice is the main carrier of her musicality and expression. Her daily life oscillates between English and German but her most intimate language of expression remains French where she can express feelings through the meaning and the sound of the words of her mother tongue. Aude Langlois’ first single ‘Promesses’ is a poem combining melancholic and dreamy images.

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K.ZIA – Goosebumps

I make food for the soul with the aim of bringing love and warmth in people’s hearts. Caribbean, African and European mineral, Shaped by the american, french and belgian culture, I want my music to communicate the roots that have made me who I am; roots from all over the world, without boundaries.


We have nothing to add. Hear & see K.ZIA‘s work for yourself:

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Cusi Coyllur – Welcome to Our War

Cusi Coyllur (pronounced coo-see, coy-your) is a queer, Peruvian-American solo artist and producer. At the beginning of COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, Coyllur home-recorded “Welcome to Our War” in response to privileged remarks of people complaining about working from home, cooking all their meals, being extra health cautious, and missing out on events. Throughout her life, she has had many different invisible illnesses but never felt like able-bodied people understood her struggle, until now. Angry at people being miserable living her life for a few months, angry at stay-at-home protests, and people just now realizing how bad the US healthcare and other systems are, she made this music video to encourage people to stay home to protect those who have always been most vulnerable because they deserve to exist.

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