Alicia Drayton – Lullaby


R&B star on the rise Alicia Drayton, released a new single “Lullaby”, celebrating female sexual self-expression, accompanied by a music video directed by New-York based filmmaker Kate Burduzhan, and a female-led team. Generation Z representative, Kate explores inner struggles in her work, and seeks to capture that thin line between raw and aesthetic. Inspired by ancient themes, she created an empowering film where Alicia embodies a nymph, a mermaid, and a witch, with the aim to encourage women to ask for what they want sexually, to be both strong and vulnerable at the same time. 

One year ago, a friend was at Alicia Drayton’s concert and made a story, and I immediately fell in love with her voice. Later I decided to write to her a proposal to make a music video for her song “Lullaby”. I was insanely glad when Alicia enthusiastically answered, and told me that I got to the very heart of the track. In my opinion, being a woman is the ability to control your strength. Because in each of us it is immense and the most difficult thing is to tame it and direct it in the right direction.

Kate Burduzhan

We started working on the project, and I came to Phoebe Dunn (producer) with the problem that we didn’t have enough budget and her brilliant idea was to launch a crowd-funding on “seed and spark”. And In 2 weeks we reached our goal! It was amazing.
There are a lot of pitfalls in the production of creativity, especially if you have never done this, you may think that this is all easy and simple. But this requires a lot of inner resources, self-confidence, and stubbornness. I want to say thanks for the contribution of each person to this project!

Kate Burduzhan

Director @kateburduzhan
Producer @phoebedunndidit
Production Designer @i.moorestoll
Art Director @kt_malloy
Styling @carlo.pardo
DP @alecwisdom

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