Marie Hald’s Bodyactivism

Marie Hald, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a photojournalist recognized for her powerful exploration of body positivity. With a background in The Danish School of Media and Journalism and further studies at the International Center of Photography in New York City, she has earned acclaim through various awards and exhibitions. Recently recognized as one of the six emerging talents globally by the World Press Photo Foundation, Marie Hald champions the message of body acceptance, portraying fat activists, anorexics, women of all ages and sizes, particularly addressing themes of body image and eating disorders. Marie Hald shines the spotlight on taboos and portrays people’s vulnerability, self-hatred and anxieties with poignant honesty. In her photographs, Hald gets very close to people and gives a voice to those who are often not heard. They may be people who are in the process of freeing themselves from a certain constricting framework or a certain ideal. They may be people living with illness. It is all about being allowed to be who you are and insisting on a world capable of embracing diversity.

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