I AM A VULVA – a project by Effie Emmanouilidi


“I AM A VULVA” is an ongoing multidisciplinary project by Effie Emmanouilidi, a visual artist and art director from Athens, Greece. Effie Emmanouilidi focuses on femininity, eco-feminism, and contemporary gender exploration in her visual artistry. Her work primarily revolves around the expression and manifestation of femininity in nature and people. She aims to explore the connection between femininity and nature, drawing from her background in education, visual arts, and advertising.
The project prompts us to question why femininity is consistently undervalued in the modern world while highlighting its existence through the values and qualities that define it. The artist employs the vulva as a symbol and has written the Vulva Manifesto, which serves as the foundation for all her artwork. “I AM A VULVA” strives to depict heteronormativity as a means of marginalizing and stigmatizing diverse forms of sexuality, gender, and self-expression. These issues are especially pertinent in contemporary Greece and remain highly relevant today.

© Photography by Mariza Kapsabli @marizacaps

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