Creative Identity

by Antonia Sieve and Gillian Neumann

This project originates from the creator’s personal experiences and delves into the intricate dimensions of human connections. It particularly reflects the feelings of helplessness, power dynamics, and vulnerability that often go unspoken in interpersonal relationships and settings. The project explores how defenselessness and the desire for invisibility manifest. Central to this exploration is the contrast between the longing to be seen and recognized as an equal, and the need to preemptively hide. This is represented by covering up under a large hood or using subtle protective analogies on the fingernails, juxtaposed with bold silhouettes and deep necklines that emphasize the need for a carefree existence. Laser engravings on the fabric, akin to delicate tattoos, symbolize the dynamics that shape individuals and their relationships. While rooted in personal experience, this project speaks to a broad audience who share similar feelings and circumstances.

Photography & Art Direction. Gillian Neumann @lichtpausenkollektiv
Models. Pauline Funke @paulinelenafunke // Luz-Sophie @hije_de_la_tierra
Designer & Creative Direction. Antonia Sieve @tonixsie
Assistant. Izi @izip72
Styling / MUAH. Antonia Sieve @tonixsie Pauline Funke @paulinelenafunke
Nails & Jewelry. @formatstudio.png

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