Morgane Gielen


Morgane Gielen (1994) is a professional portrait and fashion photographer based in Belgium, and owner of Visual Branding Studio “More to Morgane“.
As a photographer and as a person she is inspired by the beauty in imperfection, sustainable ideas, body positivity, and breaking societal taboos. Inclined to go to the extremes to change our view of ‘the perfect body’, ‘the perfect human being’. 

There are no limits to this search and this is reflected in my art. By creating empathy together, I think we can change our view on what is perfect on a larger scale.

Plussize and diverse model representation in Belgium is still in their very beginning stages. Although the bodies we’re seeing are unfortunately still primarily white, cis, and smaller fats, doors are being slowly widened. While fashion is slowly representing plus size and curvy bodies in ways we’ve never seen before, however, there’s still a noticeable lack of plus size individuals in other media. Part of me cannot help but wonder whether now is not the time to be focusing on representation in other industries when fashion is still far from fulfilling its duty on the equal representation front. Even outside of the realm of plus size visibility, there’s still a ridiculous lack in representation for people of color, transgender people, and differently-abled people in fashion. Let alone bodies that intersect these minorities.

Model: Cathy Assale – @cathyassale 
MUAH: Anske Van Acker – @anskevanacker
Fashion designer: Katerin Theys – @katerintheys
Jewellery designers: Collection PERI by Nicky Myny and Lore Segers – @nickymyny & @loresegers
Photographer: @morganegielen
Other clothing pieces: Lingerie by FENTY, black boots by Public Desire, Nude bodysuit from Primark, sandals by Public Desire (all the rest is from Katerin Theys)

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