World Vitiligo Day

In honor of World Vitiligo Day on June 25th, model Yasmin Toseafa, featured in the first image, organized this photoshoot and infused it with her creative vision. Collaborating with photographer Zuzu Valla, they conducted a special session showcasing three models with vitiligo, adorned with pearls to highlight their natural beauty and femininity. Toseafa and Valla aimed to celebrate the unique beauty and strength of individuals with vitiligo, transforming perceived imperfections into art. The models’ distinctive skin patterns, accentuated by delicately placed pearls, powerfully convey that true beauty lies in our differences, and that every individual is a masterpiece. Promoting empowerment, resilience, and the courage to embrace one’s identity, the series offers a fresh perspective on beauty and inclusivity.

Team Credits:
PHOTO: Zuzu Valla @zuzu.valla
PHOTO ASSISTANT: Pip Dusadeevijai @pip.director
MODELS: Yasmin @yasmeenstagram_
Natalie @nadsb29
Jennifer @jennymodel61
Agency: @zebedeetalent 
MUA: Lara Nassau @ffyyoobb
HMUA: Racheal @touchedbyracheal
MUA: Abi @a.lola_artistries
ASSISTANT: Sumaiyah @hiya.sumaiyah
LOCATION: @sunsetstudioslondon

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