Isaebella Doherty


Raised in Central Victoria, Australia, in a family of artists, musicians, actors, filmmakers & farmers, Isaebella Doherty spent her youth homeschooled & travelling the world. The self-taught filmmaker & photographer, works as a freelance in Castlemaine, Australia. Her work centres around connectivity & calm, a deep belief that every one being and their story is important. That we should all take every opportunity to raise each other up & make each other feel beautiful.

When I met this incredible babe, Rachel Sullivan, I fell in love. Her spirit, tenacity & power shook me to my core and I knew instantly that I wanted to do my best to capture all that amazed me about this fucking gorgeous force of nature. I invited her to have dinner with my parents & best mate, Tobias, in Bendigo and just before we picked her up I asked if she wanted to do a little shoot. She replied, ‘I have the perfect dress.’
I feel such a deep sense of fulfilment from these photographs. Not because they’re the best I’ve ever taken or technically great. But because I sought to capture the spirit of someone who inspires me, someone who uses their mind & body as one to ricochet this fervour that rattles your soul, encompassing the pure strength of performance with the most stunningly sublime intensity that only comes from someone who knows their body & commands every part of themselves to come together and tear the world the fuck apart. I may not have captured all that, but I feel it when I look at the photographs. I feel the immensity of Rachel and it makes me proud to be her mate & ecstatic for what’s to come.

Photography: Isaebella Doherty @isaebella
Model: Rachel Sullivan @danceswithcircles
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