M Van Koekje


Maite Artajo Sanchez (Pamplona, 1988), also known as M Van Koekje, belongs to a generation of photographs who, even during the digital era are still in love with the analogue format with which they narrate their day to day events. After several years of work on a photodiary created entirely in analog photography, M Van Koekje is currently focused on the female figure, and the cinematographic aesthetic. Everything is impregnated with lights creating a perfect symbiosis between the space, the bodily and facial features of the subject.

Based on the song of Lucy in the sky with diamonds. I tried to capture what Lucy felt in the sky with diamonds. I used the light as a starting point and the reflections as a weapon to represent the high point of LSD.

Photography, lightning art and styling: M Van Koekje
Model and muse: Jess Martinez

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