Lover Buffet


Lover Buffet is a genderqueer, pansexual multidisciplinary-artist, and intersectional feminist living in Cape Town.

I’ve loved art (colours specifically) since I can remember. Warm colours especially like yellow-orange which would make my heart swell and make me feel safe. Photography is something I’ve been doing since I was 12. I always noticed odd things when I was growing up and found even mundane objects compelling. Photography was a way for me to capture what I found interesting. The quality of art-ing the mundane and transforming it through surrealism has stuck with me throughout my art career.

– The hand in the water: Naima Sebe @naima_maleika
– The blueberries pouring: Kim Rushmere @kimrushers
– The blood on face: Kim Rushmere @kimrushers
– The person with one eye closed: Roxy Caroline @roskiline
– The hand about to sink an 8-ball: Thor Rixon @thorrixon

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